Now showing: The Renaissance of Resilience

November 14th through January 17th
THE RENAISSANCE OF RESILIENCE Featuring David Lionheart - Erica Hauser - Auguster D. Williams Jr

Experience Erica’s mid century vibe in her large colorful works

Carefully walk through the journey of meticulous collage work by the great Gus Williams

Explore many layers and depth of textures in Lionheart’s large format abstract works

About David Lionheart

Mixed media artist David Lionheart uses his keen sense of depth and spatial awareness to create abstract works, enhanced by color and texture. He employs a variety of unexpected materials to create layers of dimension, including oil paints, spray paints, and industrial materials, which results in a sculptural quality in his canvas and wood pieces. In his large-scale compositions, he demonstrates a unique understanding of the power of movement over a canvas, versus representing a specific subject. This creates a powerful suggestive journey that walks the viewer over every square inch of the piece.

Born in the City of Newburgh, NY, and raised by a single mother, David faced immeasurable challenges and traumas at an early age. He credits his mother’s indomitable strength and influence for guiding him through extreme adversity. Now he’s on a mission to teach others the potential any one person has to be a positive force for themselves and others.

David has overcome the horrific effects of sexual abuse, the catastrophic pain of a loved one’s suicide, the early struggles of life in a broken home, and the limitations of severe financial distress. With intense commitment to his own healing, David learned to view his struggles as blessings that taught him the value of adversity, and allow him to help others navigate their own challenging paths.

Today, David is the founder of the 501(c)(3) Play For Your Freedom. He utilizes wellness workshops to get veterans out of hospital rooms or secluded lifestyles and back into their lives in whatever capacity they can. He is also a powerful speaker on trauma, adversity, and triumph.

“David is a firm believer that everyone has the ability to be a force in this world, and he is using his own life to exemplify that belief. His message of resilience, gratitude, and hope is profoundly moving. He is not above allowing himself to be raw and real, and his audiences are often found in stunned silence moments before erupting into applause.” – Barbara Allen, Co Founder of American Snippets

Works By David Lionheart

About Erica Hauser

Erica Hauser is based in Newburgh, New York and has a BFA (2002) from School of Visual Arts. Her paintings have been shown nationally, most often in the New York area. From Jan 2013 through Jan 2020 she owned Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, where she worked with artists to install exhibitions, curated group shows and hosted cultural events.

She has received several supporting grants, including a 2011 NYFA grant, and attended artist residencies in New Mexico, Vermont, and upstate New York. In 2017 she participated in The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, with her work featured on Saatchi Art, followed by The Other Art Fair Bristol UK in July 2018.

Erica’s longtime seasonal job as a firewood stacker has influenced her paintings, as she stacks and arranges shapes guided by an intuitive feeling for their points of connection- here it is paint instead of wood pieces. Inspired by mid-century design and colors, she mixes hues that are earthy, subdued and vibrant all at once, as in the juicy punch of neon or the dull glow of antique metal. References include nature, textiles, ceramics, vintage crayons and games, in thinking about how forms, patterns and textures coexist with each other on a surface.

She is absorbed by the visual conception of objects, places and experiences as colors and structures, building them into abstract, evocative piles. Many are painted flat and appear so, others are flat but seem to advance vibrantly or recede into space. Others make use of collaged elements like foil and canvas, and the newest are cut and assembled wood shapes.

Her depictions of time and nostalgia have shifted as well, from literal to abstract, as she focuses less on era-specific objects and more on these resonant color/shape impressions, exploring where representation and emotion intersect.

Works By Erica Hauser


About Auguster D. Williams, Jr.

Auguster D. Williams, Jr., is a collage and mixed media artist whose work includes the collection of various textures of paper, cardboard, cords and other found objects. He says: “I find the colors and textures for my art in diverse materials that are destined for landfill. My aim is to challenge the normalcy of the throw-away society by demonstrating love and beauty in discarded material. In this way too, I demonstrate the capacity of humans to be resilient in the face of trauma and other obstacles in life — to grow, transition, transform and be reborn.”

This collection being exhibited includes the four works that together represent the elements Earth, Wind, Fire and Water alongside three works that are somewhat uncanny. They are stranger than fiction, defy darkness and provide the missing “peace” of the puzzle!

Works By Auguster D. Williams, Jr.