Now showing: Primordial Substance

Paintings by Evan Samuelson

July 9 to September 18

The artwork on display is available for purchase at our online store

The first solo art show of painter Evan Samuelson of Beacon will be on display from July 9th through September 18th. The show, titled “Primordial Substance”, is a collection of 17 oil paintings. Depictions of the human form or expressive floral displays appear on oversized canvas or wood panels, with sizes such as 38”x 50” and an impressive 66”x 102”.

Considering his own work as generally in the surreal minimalist style, Samuelson also says “working larger has always felt natural. I like that the preliminary lines and strokes utilize more of a full-body motion.  It can also be viewed from further away and seems to create an immersive experience for the viewer”.

The artist’s statement about this show: “My work expresses emotionally charged forms from an altered perspective. Implicit to that is the desire to foster a deeper awareness of what it is that truly connects us. Playing with repetition, shape, and tone I hope to blur the boundaries which have been taught and accepted. Working towards an association with, and acceptance of, the underlying oneness of being.” Samuelson explains his technique “Most paintings begin with sketched form followed by an imprimatura to tone the canvas. I then apply the grisaille method to achieve a fully monochromatic composition. More recent work is finished with layers of glaze for vibrant color. A final coat of varnish achieves a consistent sheen.”

Regarding his personal journey and development as an artist, Samuelson says: “Art has provided a means of enhanced self-awareness and self-preservation. It was manifesting through trauma and internal struggle. As I began to venture into readings that dissected these topics, a love of philosophy and psychology began to take shape. I have been developing and applying these concepts to my paintings ever since. The idea of a deeper connection and mode of being is all-encompassing and drives me to learn more every day. Accepting that all of these things are not necessarily gained but already exist within is so beautiful. The love and absolute beauty that resonates at our deepest levels. The parts of being that feel just as they should.”

Samuelson, who grew up on the South Shore of Long Island, has lived in Beacon for the last six years. In that time, he has shown paintings at Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, BAU Gallery in Beacon, and Hudson Beach Glass Art Gallery in Beacon.

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Call for Artists

GRIT WORKS GALLERY is seeking submissions for our Fall 2021 show titled “à nouveau en plein air” (In plain air again)—A new take on fresh air art
Show us what you have created since exploring our reopened world. Has this new freedom influenced your art? Have you been inspired by simply being outside? Share how all of this has expanded your creative journey.
All works must be created between March 14th, 2019, and August 31st, 2021. Submissions will be accepted now through September 1st. You can submit your work here.

CALL TO ARTISTS: Our fall show is titled “à nouveau en plein air” (translates to “In plain air again”)—A new take on fresh air art.  Show us what you have created since exploring our reopened world. Has this new freedom influenced your art? Have you been inspired by simply being outside? Share how all of this has expanded your creative journey.

Name of Venue: GRIT Gallery

Work Media: Any media on wall hung canvas or framed paper/photographs. Works must be wired and ready for hanging prior to hanging. 

Work Size: Small works and up to 5ft x 4ft max (50 LB. max weight).

TIMING: Works created since March 14, 2019 (2019 – current)


  1. Cover letter describing how your work fits into the theme of our show.

  2. Up to 5 Images can be submitted and should be presented in JPEG format (Higher resolution photos may be required if accepted into the show).

  3. Artist Resume including biography, educational background, and previous exhibition record. NEW ARTISTS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!!! 

  4. $25 application fee—Square link preferred (check, cash or electronic forms accepted. If you cannot pay the fee or need assistance please inquire at the time of submission.)

Timeline: Exhibit will run November 5, 2021 – January 8, 2022.

Entries Due: September 1, 2021

Selection Process: Works will be selected by GRIT Gallery curator according to space/layout and fluidity. All artists that submit will be added to our mail list for future show opportunities.

Notification to artist: We will make our final selections by October 1, 2021.

Accepted Artwork: If selected, all work must be delivered to GRIT Gallery by the artist. Your space will be predetermined, and our team will help you install according to our presentation requirements.

Delivery: In person by the artist to GRIT Gallery during an appointment with the curator. (The week of October 25 – 29th.)

Reception: November 5, 2021

Exhibit or Event Ends: January 8, 2022

Pickup Artwork by: January 9, 2022

Publicity: We will be marketing the events and exhibits on our social media platforms. We will provide you with an event post to share with your networks on social media. 

Sales: All works must be for sale that are submitted. The gallery will collect a 30% commission on all works sold.

Contact: Please let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help you through the process. All submissions can be submitted to David Lionheart via email –

Click HERE to access the online application.

Next Show: Here We Are

September 24th through October 31st
Group show in conjunction with the 2021 Newburgh Open Studios Tour Sept 25 and 26
Multiple artists on display including David Lionheart
Live demo (during tour) and Artist Talks

Past Shows

"Wild Nights Are Calling" by David Lionheart
Wild Nights Are Calling at Grit Works

About David Lionheart

Mixed media artist David Lionheart uses his keen sense of depth and spatial awareness to create abstract works, enhanced by color and texture. He employs a variety of unexpected materials to create layers of dimension, including oil paints, spray paints, and industrial materials, which results in a sculptural quality in his canvas and wood pieces. In his large-scale compositions, he demonstrates a unique understanding of the power of movement over a canvas, versus representing a specific subject. This creates a powerful suggestive journey that walks the viewer over every square inch of the piece.

Born in the City of Newburgh, NY, and raised by a single mother, David faced immeasurable challenges and traumas at an early age. He credits his mother’s indomitable strength and influence for guiding him through extreme adversity. Now he’s on a mission to teach others the potential any one person has to be a positive force for themselves and others.

David has overcome the horrific effects of sexual abuse, the catastrophic pain of a loved one’s suicide, the early struggles of life in a broken home, and the limitations of severe financial distress. With intense commitment to his own healing, David learned to view his struggles as blessings that taught him the value of adversity, and allow him to help others navigate their own challenging paths.

Today, David is the founder of the 501(c)(3) Play For Your Freedom. He utilizes wellness workshops to get veterans out of hospital rooms or secluded lifestyles and back into their lives in whatever capacity they can. He is also a powerful speaker on trauma, adversity, and triumph.

“David is a firm believer that everyone has the ability to be a force in this world, and he is using his own life to exemplify that belief. His message of resilience, gratitude, and hope is profoundly moving. He is not above allowing himself to be raw and real, and his audiences are often found in stunned silence moments before erupting into applause.” – Barbara Allen, Co Founder of American Snippets